Fastest-growing supplier of management systems for retail gaming & the world leader in omni-channel gaming solutions.


Our casino management system covers the entire operation and is tailored to the needs of each business.

Our expert team will work with you to create a solution which will underpin your operation and help you to drive revenues and manage risks.

Neon is a key component of the Playtech One solution which connects land-based and online gaming and enables operators to maximise player value across all channels.


We believe that successful system partnerships require the right technology & an understanding of the business requirements.


We offer a free consultancy service to analyse your needs and highlight areas in which you can improve your operations and customer service using technology.

While most gaming system providers struggle to combine and integrate multiple legacy technologies, Playtech continues to drive innovation on a single modern platform.

We have built a system which is powerful and flexible enough to meet 90% of every operator’s requirements.

Our expert team understands the casino business and how to develop systems and will work with you to deliver the 10% that is unique to your operation. We are able to quickly and cost-effectively customise our software and integrate with other systems and equipment to add value to your business.


Using the latest web, Microsoft and Apple technologies to deliver the fastest-moving systems in the industry and the best user experience.


Neon is a single high-performance, HTML5 application. This modern, consistent architecture enables us to readily customise and translate the user interface to meet the needs of each operator.

Neon Mobile provides a suite of iOS and web applications which enable your team to take service to the customer. Neon Slots provides direct connection to any GS2 v3 machine.

The Neon Analytics suite uses the Microsoft business intelligence platform and we provide a range of visualisation tools including a web-based dashboard platform powered by Fusion Charts and a Microsoft Excel plugin. We integrate with many external systems and devices and provide a suite of APIs to allow external systems to access data from Neon.

Neon is Cloud-ready and we are able to provide the Neon software as a service. Our systems support a range of high-availability solutions and we have implemented standby and disaster recovery servers both in our customers’ data centres and in the Cloud.

We react quickly to emerging technologies and invest heavily in R&D.


We are able to quickly and cost-effectively customise our software and integrate with other systems and equipment to add value to your business.

Enterprise-Level Casino Management

Neon is the most complete casino management system available and offers comprehensive functionality to manage:

Slots, live gaming and poker|Revenue-driving bonuses and promotions|Behaviour-changing marketing and CRM|Customer convenience and excitement|Surveillance and incidents|Cash desk and credit control|Comprehensive reporting and analysis

Slot Management

Neon Slots is the most powerful slot management system available and has been designed from the ground up to support G2S and SAS. Neon Slots is an integral part of the Neon solution and is seamlessly connected to the other areas of the system including surveillance, mobile apps, cage and campaign management. Neon Slots is a modern, reliable system which will help to protect and increase revenues, delivering:

Real-time data capture and notifications|Flexible HTML5 player interface|Picture-in-picture (hardware and G2S) and external display options|Carded and uncarded player tracking|Simple, reliable accounting and reconciliation|TITO and/or card-based cashless gaming|Powerful analysis and visualisation to optimise the performance of your floor|Mobile applications for customer service and notifications|Real-time campaigns which change player behaviour|Flexible loyalty and rewards|Interactive bonusing and jackpots

Table Management

Neon Tables has been designed to maximise automation and accuracy, and minimise disruption to the game. Neon Tables consists of an suite of iPad and web applications for the table and pit staff delivers:

Real-time performance management and accounting|Security and revenue protection|Flexible player tracking methods to suit all types of players|Integration with devices including chippers, chip trays, RFID, bill acceptors|Neon supports multi-currency table management|Reconciliation of estimates, player tracking data and the counted actuals|Demand and capacity modelling helping you to provide the right games, prices and staffing at all times|Automated alerts and messaging services|A variety of options for mounting fixed and mobile iPads with card readers

Poker Management

Neon Poker provides comprehensive functionality for the management of your card games including:

Tournament and cash game management|Player tracking integrated with the single view across the casino|Mobile applications to securely process transactions on the floor|Waiting list, seating and tournament clock media displays|An open API for integration with your customer-facing web site and apps|Comprehensive analysis and reporting

Membership, Reception & AML

Neon enables you to quickly capture accurate data about your customers, offering a number of innovative tools to streamline the process and eliminate queues including:

Integration with ID scanners to automatically capture an image of the ID and read the relevant data into the database|Data capture from external sources such as your online gaming platform, social media and national residency databases|A customer-facing app which engages the guest in the registration process, to complete details such as his email address, mobile phone number and set up an online gaming account|A mobile app which enables guests to be registered in the queue or on the gaming floor – including the ability to capture a photograph and ID and issue a player car|Fast-track check-in and security apps including integration with barrier gates|Flexible capture of enhanced-due-diligence data and management of AML-related risks

Bonusing & Rewards

Neon offers a wide range of revenue-driving bonuses including:

Play X get Y promotions|Mystery jackpots|Hot Seat bonuses|Lottery promotions|Ticket draws|Community jackpots|Tournaments|Bonus games

Security & Surveillance

Neon underpins the monitoring and control of your operations, providing:

Real-time alerts and notifications|Incident management and reporting|Customer suspensions and watch lists|Tracking of cheats and undesirables

Business Intelligence

Neon Analytics is a critical component of our casino management system, providing enterprise-level business intelligence including:

An data warehouse which will be the central repository of all your business data|A suite of cubes which will automatically calculate your KPIs and other operational metrics|A public data warehouse which is used for integration with certain third-party systems|A range of packages and data manipulation tools which transfer data from Neon to Neon Analytics|The Neon Dashboards platform which provides unique functionality for the clear and interactive presentation of any type of information on any device|A wide range of charts and other dashboard features to display information in the most effective format|The Neon Analytics Excel Plugin which enhances and streamlines the analytical capability of Microsoft Excel

Campaign Management & CRM

Playtech understands the importance of campaign automation and analysis and has developed a tool powered by a leading commercial platform which has been customised to suit the specific needs of the gaming industry.

Powerful and flexible segmentation|Automated and on-demand marketing communications through all channels|Player lifecycle management including automated offers and communications|Straightforward integration with external applications|Flexible configuration and rapid development of new features

Host Management

Neon provides unique functionality to empower and monitor your customer relations team including tools to:

Assign responsibility and targets to hosts|Track all contact with your VIPs using smartphone applications to compile a central repository of all contact within the control of the casino